Bringing Overwatch To Nintendo Switch 'Challenging,' But Possible

Most fans of Overwatch will agree that the game is not complicated in terms of gameplay. While it can't be mastered in one single sitting, understanding all its technicalities is as easy as counting one to three. Talking about complexity, Blizzard revealed the term's connection with the game being brought to the popular console of today called Nintendo Switch.

Over at Reddit, the game's director named Jeff Kaplan encountered a couple of questions from the community. The one that caught his attention is the possibility of the game arriving to the hybrid console. He iterated that it is impossible, for now, to think of it as an option. However, he admits that the new console is under Blizzard's radar.

In fact, the Overwatch director confessed his love towards Nintendo Switch. This affection is followed by yet another console from the company, the 3DS. Kaplan pinpoints that, in reality, putting the game into the world of the new gaming platform "is very challenging" for them. He further mentioned about how "open-minded" they are when it comes to things like these. So, in one way or another, there's that window of hope which players can be satisfied of.

According to Polygon, in the market side of things, it is a fact that the Switch is not a powerful one. Even almost all developers will agree to this. Blizzard's title, on the other hand, does not require people to own high standard specs. A little of it should be enough to run it. There is indeed a great margin of possibility here, if the studio gives in to this idea.

The publication also added that one factor Overwatch needs to consider is the fact that Nintendo has no plans of launching its for-pay online service. Well, not until fall of this year. This and the question of whether or not it will work well with competitive online game such as the aforesaid. For now, it's still a matter of time before these things get cleared up.

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