Battlefield 1 Guide To The Best Weapons Per Class Post DLC Launch

Battlefield 1 has been a staple for every avid player of shooting games. The wide array of weapons and features had, for the most part, kept players and fans on their toes as each one has their own unique capability that when used properly can cause so much devastation. This article is aimed to providing a guide for the best weapons to use for each class, which also includes the updates from the They Shall Not Pass DLC.

They Shall Not Pass

According to PC Gamer, Dice is actually doing a great job in keeping the Battlefield 1 in top form and interesting as the company is planning for the game's future in the form of DLCs. As They Shall Not Pass is the first of four DLCs planned by Dice, the company plans to attract more players through a wide variety of features in the upcoming DLCs. For the They Shall Not Pass DLC however, it already contains a whole lot of additions to the original game, which ranges from weapons to vehicles.

Starting from weapons, the DLC will include the RSC 1917, Chauchat LMG, Lebel Model 1886, Ribeyerolles 1918, Sjorgen Interial Shotgun and the melee weapons of Nail Knife, Cogwheel Club, Trench Fleur and the Raider Club. For vehicles, the They Shall Not Pass DLC will include the Char C2C, the Assault Tank and the Siege Howitzer.

Best Weapons Per Class

The best weapons per class is determined by its usefulness, reliability and perk when used in the player's role. Naturally, a player can choose the load out they use. However, there are just certain weapons that would not only complement a player's role but would also become an instrument in winning the match.

An article by USGamer highlights in what they believe are the best weapons per class. Specifically, the website has determined the best weapons for the Assault, Medic, Support and Scout Classes.

Starting with the Assault Class, being in this class means getting up close and personal with the opponent, and when it eventually does, having a weapon that can deal massive damage in an instant is a necessity. In that aspect, the M97 Trench Backbored is a great weapon as it has the best accuracy for a shotgun. For players who uses automatic weapons, the MP 18 Trench is a great weapon that combines accuracy and deadly firepower. For those with the They Shall Not Pass DLC, they can use the Sub machine gun Ribeyerolles 1918, and for the shotgun, they could use the Sjorgen Inertial Shotgun.

For the Support Class, although at the beginning, players are given a very good weapon for the class, purchasing the M1909 Benet Mercie is a better option as it has a better rate of fire, better handling and a better sight. However, if the player is focused on getting more kills, the BAR M1918 is the weapon for the job. Equipped with a scope, the weapon has superior range than others in its class, plus it has a stand that can be used when prone. However, with the They Shall Not Pass DLC, players should use the Chauchat LMG as it has better accuracy and a tripod when in prone.

For the Medic Class, the player should not use a weapon that is efficient in killing enemies, but should use one that can get them out of a pinch. Players tend to stick with rifles; however, what they need for the class is a gun that offers a balance in rate of fire and accuracy. With that idea in mind, players should use the Selbstlader M1916 as it has both of what the medic class needs. If the map is littered with snipers, players under the Medic Class can also use the Mondragon Marksman to eliminate them and when a bayonet is placed on the weapon, it can quickly kill anyone who comes across the medic's path. For those who have the They Shall Not Pass DLC, they could use the powerful RSC 1917, but if they find it uncomfortable to use, it is better to go back to the Selbstlader M1916 instead.

Players who have used the Scout Class would agree that the worst part in it is the reloading time between rounds. When players miss their target, the difference between life and death maybe the reloading time. So with this, some certain sacrifices must be made in order to persist in this class. The Russian 1895 offers a very good range but at the loss of rate of fire. However, if the player does not mind the inherent drawbacks of the sniper rifle, they could also use the Gewehr 98. When used, the gun will offer a far better range and power compared to the other weapons in its class. Lastly, for those who have the They Shall Not Pass DLC, they could use the Lebel Model 1886, which holds more ammo at the loss of reload speed.

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