No Man's Sky Path Finder Update Is Simply Beautiful

No Man's Sky became one -- if not the most -- of the highly controversial games of last year. It went through an intense rollercoaster ride, which, for the most part, wasn't really exciting. Some fans were even skeptical when it comes to its continuity. Why? That's because people believed it's about to go down. Well, add to this the fact that the people behind the game have gone silent overtime. Apparently though, the developers at Hello Games proved them wrong. This is most especially with the release of a new update called Path Finder.

According to Kotaku, the aforementioned update brought a couple of interesting stuff to the game. This already includes the highly talked about vehicles. Aside from this, the game's overall aesthetics have also been boosted. The color line has been re-detailed, with the textures being improved. The details of the creatures, in the particular, are now even enhanced.

No Man's Sky Path Finder update also brought changes to the base buildings. The publication suggests that the latter has been fleshed out, though not to the point of overextending. However, Hello Games just didn't give the game a bump on the beauty side of things. A new economy, for instance, has been introduced. It's called the nanite clusters, something that players can locate in various bases. They can also obtain these via rewards for doing stuff like having a conversation with an alien.

The most exciting part of this No Man's Sky update is the introduction of the new vehicles called Exocrafts. It is worth noting that the community has long been asking for these vehicles. For players to acquire this ride, they must recruit an alien for a very particular position in their bases. The only catch here is that things can go randomly.

Following the Path Finder update, PlayStationLifeStyle reports that update 1.22 has also arrived to No Man's Sky. This patch here is more about solving the multiple issues and/or bugs following the previous update. For example, the Exocraft Geobays are now able to be crafted on any planet out there. This also means that players can easily summon vehicles, unlike in the past when they have to be at their respective home planets.

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