Overwatch Is Winning The Hearts Of Integrated Graphics Users

If there is a game that has quickly captured the hearts of many, it is definitely Overwatch. Although it remains a debate if whether or not it's the best shooter game, there's no doubt that it's among the finest. Blizzard has indeed developed a game worthy of praises and applauses. In reality, the game's success is all due to the never-ending support of the fandom. And in fact, there's an interesting statistic relating to the player pool.

According to PC Gamer, a good number of Overwatch players are known to be using Intel's integrated graphics. In the mathematics side of things, it's around 22 percent of the overall player pool. In today's world of advanced technology and stuff, playing a game using a dedicated graphics card is almost a necessity. After all, it presents good benefits in terms of gameplay and comfort. Well, apparently, this is not entirely the case with Blizzard's fans.

For one, Overwatch is not a pain in the head. That's because it can run well even on low-end PC setups of today. Therefore, it is not really a surprise if this game can do wonders even on an integrated graphics system. Interestingly, the developers did this on purpose. That they designed the game to be able to run on multiple hardware, regardless of specs.

This has always been the story of Blizzard ever since. They have grown a reputation as being a studio that supports a great number of players. That they also ensure that the games they develop will reach a larger market and indeed, this has worked for them. Overwatch, in particular, is just a living proof to that.

PCGamesN reports that the video game company really went for the extra miles, ensuring that the game will be able to run on minimum-spec players. The senior software engineer of the studio named Ryan Green iterated during the GDC 2017 that this was not something they have thought of at the first place. For the most part, people in his team were not excited at the get-go. However, in the long run, people understood the reason and value behind it. Hence the flexibility of Overwatch.

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