How Pokemon GO Servers Could Have Been Redeemed

Sure, Pokemon GO is considered as one of the most popular mobile games of today. However, all players know that it has its own share of faults, too. Niantic's augmented reality acquired a huge following soon after it was released. And as the days passed by, more and more players jumped into the trend. This, among others, resulted to connectivity issues and such.

In its most organic form, Pokemon GO is a location-based mobile game that allows players to find pocket creatures in real time. In one way or another, it comes with a good amount of complexity. And with such, it demands great server capabilities and/or functionalities. This is where deepstreamHub aims to enter, hoping to mitigate the ongoing issue.

According to TNW, the game's popularity is the number one reason behind the frequent server crashes. After all, millions of people logging in is synonymous to a great amount of work. The CEO of the aforementioned company based in Berlin and Firebase, San Francisco named Wolfram Hempel revealed a workaround. It's something that will somehow give the mobile game's server a fix.

Hempel suggested that Niantic must upgrade the scalability of every Pokemon GO server. And that it should be enough to manage and circumvent all possible location-tracking functionalities. This is most especially in times when huge traffic are coming in. He insisted, however, that this could be mediated by way of utilizing their platform.

The aforesaid deepstreamHub executive iterated that their goal is to create "really cool real-time apps." The great thing about this is that developers won't have to worry about minding the core infrastructure of it. Heck, they won't even be bothered by the thought of this all works.

If Pokemon GO is to undergo such process, all Niantic will have to do is focus on making the game even more interesting. That instead of worrying about all the technicalities in the server side of things, they can simply move forward with creating events or contents, such as the one that involves Pikachu, as reported by Express. It will become a free flowing process for everyone involved in creating the AR game.

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