It Took 10 Years Before Ubisoft Finally Said Yes To For Honor

In today's fighting game genre, there is no doubt that For Honor is among the best in the list. It may not necessarily be the most successful one, but at least, it's shaping up to be. Interestingly, this game was almost put to trash, as Ubisoft did not find it a worthy title to develop. Fast forward to today though, its future is as bright as the sun. Nonetheless, its past is definitely worth investigating.

The main guy behind the aforementioned game named Jason VandenBerghe shared his experiences on making the title a reality. He reflected on how the installment nearly got rejected by the video game company. In fact, he was pitching the idea of it for years. And yet, the studio didn't give in right away.

"I spent the next 10 years pitching the game," he said. The For Honor dude confessed on the truth that most of the words he heard from Ubisoft was either a "No" or simply a gesture of rejection. VandenBerghe said that the he felt like no one in the company was really interested in such direction. Or perhaps, he have to wait first for the right guy that will understand the genre.

At long last, the video game company gave in. He recalled how he was called. It was his last and final pitch and the studio still said no. However, there's a catch. This time around, he was told to meet a team that will help him and the rest was history.

Today, the studio VandenBerghe was referring to is Ubisoft Montreal where the very roots of For Honor started. As soon as the game was launched, it quickly gained attention. The game was considered as one of the top hits of this year, enough to make its maker proud.

On the other side of things, the studio has finally brought temporary bans to For Honor AFK farmers, as reported by Polygon. These players are those who try to exploit the game by acting as if they are moving during a match. Well, they actually do and this is thanks to a rubber band they put on the console's joystick.

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