Unlocking Things In For Honor Takes Almost 3 Years

When For Honor was first launched, the number of followers grew as each day passes by. However, in the long run, it also plummeted down. Well, this could be due to a lot of reasons. Most players think the title just needs some serious fixing. Nevertheless, these did not stop Ubisoft from releasing updates after updates. The latest of these are the brand new emotes, although they aren't for free. As a result, the studio was backlashed most especially with the price point.

Interestingly, players can choose to not give in to the figures and resort to acquiring them manually. This means there will be no single penny spent. However, doing so can be a very tiring work. Why? That's because it is synonymous to a great amount of time spent. Believe it or not, it's not referring to weeks or months -- it's years.

According to PCGamesN, if a casual For Honor players won't resort to buying any of the cosmetic items (base) in the game, he's likely to unlock them after two and a half years. It's worth noting that, like any other games, Ubisoft's also has its own currency system. It's called Steel, which is used to purchase cosmetic items such as emotes, outfits and executions, among others. This is where the players have grown a love and hate relationship with it.

The new emotes, in particular, will cost around 7000 For Honor Steel for players to be able to utilize them. This currency, nonetheless, can be purchased in the multiple of 5000. With the latter pack, it's going to cost them a real time money of $4.99. Whether they agree or not, this figure is a decision factor. This is not to mention the fact that other heroes have to be unlocked, with some ranging to at least 91,500 Steel, as what Reddit user bystander007 pointed out.

But wait, when players thought it was the end of it, things only get worst in For Honor. Enter the game's gear system. Players on the said social media site also suggest that in order for armors and weapons to be in shape, one has to ridiculously spend, well, Steel. Like every move in the game, there's an in-game currency required.

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