Here's The Updated Hatch Rate Chart For Pokemon GO Gen 2 Eggs

There are a lot of things to like and love about Niantic's Pokémon GO. However, as unfortunate as it may sound, there are also a good number of reasons to hate it. Among these is the inconsistency of the eggs' hatch rates, something that seem to change from time to time. Of course, this could somehow be very confusing, most especially if there's no decent template to look up to. Fortunately, the updated chart for this has already been revealed.

Thanks to the popular Pokémon GO community on Reddit The Silph Road, players now have some sort of visual guide when it comes to filling their Pokedex. The chart was originally submitted by a fan named Topottsel. As explained, players are likely to hatch Gen 2 creatures from 5 km eggs, with a total of 15 pocket monsters. This is complete opposite to the eight species acquirable from both the 2 km and 10 km eggs. To access the chart, go here.

Despite the arrival of the second generation Pokémon, players still have higher chances of hatching the starters. If they are able to hatch the new generation beasts, they are likely to acquire the baby forms. These include the likes of Cleffy, Pichu and Togepi. Added to the list are Misdreavus and Aipom, among others. As for Exeggcute, this one here can still be hatched using a 2 km egg.

While the arrival of Gen 2 species to Pokémon GO is something to celebrate about, there's still a bitter catch. That is because not all of these creatures can be hatched from eggs. Meaning to say, people will have to go into the wild and capture them by either pure luck or perseverance. Nonetheless, as reported by Mic, there is an interesting reason to this phenomenon.

The aforementioned Pokémon GO graphic showcases a total of 3 categories. The first one features the Pokémon that have yet to be hatched. The second one displays the creatures that are no longer part of the hatching process in the game. The third one, on the other hand, is all about the creatures that have been removed and replaced by their respective baby forms.

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