This New For Honor Emote Can Actually Be Used For Dodging Attacks

Like any other games out there, Ubisoft's latest title For Honor has its own tricks to share. The studio recently released a new set of emotes, making the game a bit more interesting. At first, many believe that this stuff was all about being flashy in the battlefield, so to speak. Apparently, there's more to it, as they can be sometimes used in a more important thing like dodging attacks.

This discovery was all thanks to a Reddit user named TheRealCrayfish, who iterated how emotes can be used in fighting enemies. On the said social media, the player suggests that by using the emote Flip Out; one can let out a fashionable dodge. However, of course, this was all done with perfect release and timing as explained by him.

Apparently though, in For Honor, the aforementioned emote isn't that easy to acquire. Why? That's because it'll cost players around 3,000 Steel to unlock it. Nonetheless, the in-game currency spent is definitely worth it. The trick the player did is quite astonishing, and it somehow showcased a legit dodge trick.

Kotaku reveals, however, that dodging attacks using the Flip Out emote in For Honor is quite difficult. Or, for a much better argument, looking for the right moment to apply this trick can be very disappointing. This is due to the fact that some, if not all of them, emotes are slow in terms of animation. They take a reasonable amount of time to start and complete. Heck, it may even be a play of luck if the emote goes to animation after activating. That's because it's likely to never happen depending on the situation.

Luckily for TheRealCrayfsh, he managed to do the trick in For Honor accordingly. The activation was perfect, partnered with the right timing. When the enemy dashed forward to hit him, the emote was triggered just in time to do the animation. Perhaps, in one way or another, this can be part of the entire meta. In fact, players might try to use it from hereon, which is something that's really possible.

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