Should Effect Timers Be A Thing In Ark: Survival Evolved?

Saying that Ark: Survival Evolved is a lackluster is definitely a crime, perhaps, in the eyes of its fans. Nonetheless, it holds true that the game has become an impressive installment. However, one can't deny -- even the guys at Studio Wildcard -- the fact that there are areas that need improvement. And this is exactly what players are clamoring over social media sites, suggesting that Effect Timers should be implemented.

A Reddit user by the name of Echieo pointed out how poorly designed the game is in one way or another. That this, like most other games, has become the number one issue affecting the overall experience of players. The player suggested how "ubiquitous" both the Eels and Troodons have become thanks to their "perma stun" capability. And apparently, this has led to the death of various players. Not to mention the fact that they don't have the chance to fight back.

The Ark: Survival Evolved player iterated that Studio Wildcard must do something about this. For instance, if players are stunned by the Eel, they should automatically receive a buff that prevents them from getting the same effect for the next seconds or so. Not only is this fair, but it also makes the combat a lot more fun (though not necessarily easier). Besides, doing so will still maintain the general design of most creatures in the game.

It isn't hard to imagine for such change to arrive to the game really. After all, the video game company -- for the past few months -- have been all ears. And so far, they're doing a remarkable job in keeping the game's momentum afloat. But still, there's no clear proof that this Effect Timer feature will arrive.

In another Ark: Survival Evolved news, Express reports that the highly anticipated update has finally arrived to Xbox One. Studio Wildcard reportedly launched it following the release of the PlayStation 4 patch. The update is said to have the size of 19GB, adding enhancements and other features.

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