Ubisoft May Want To Go Over With For Honor Content Restrictions

There's an ongoing debate within the For Honor community if whether or not Ubisoft must change the content restrictions implemented. Apparently, players are utilizing a good amount of time and money just to get their hands on all custom items (especially the new ones). They believe that it's somehow ridiculous, as there's too much grinding involved. Still, the decision to do so relies on the studio.

In a Reddit post from user bystander007, it's been explained just how much time and money goes into unlocking the various customization options. Believe it or not, they are likely to spend at least $732 just to acquire these items. Of course, when it comes to money talks, most become a negative note.

Based on the estimate done by the said For Honor player, there's a chance that doing the above mentioned is equal to two and a half years. This is if players resort to bypass these multiple microtransactions and move forward to acquiring these gears manually. Simply put, they have to work on grinding their way for the new content.

This phenomenon here is indeed a travesty given how disappointing the game has become. Sure, during the wake of its release, it quickly became one of the most popular titles. However, as each day passes by, players are starting to realize how frustrating Ubisoft's latest installment is. Not to mention the various bugs and issues that have arrived to game, though the studio made an impressive move on fixing these with an update, as reported by Express.

Still, the heart of the matter is the way For Honor is being played. Some might say that it's typical for a game to require a good amount of hours. However, when it sums up to almost three years, it's definitely a story worth investigating. As of this writing, the studio has not given out any official word on the possible changes they will do with the DLC policy. It will remain a mystery if whether or not the video game company will give in to what the community wants.

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