Overwatch Fantasia: The Mashup That Will Make Your Day

Overwatch is already a near-perfect game thanks to a lot of reasons. From the kind of gameplay it offers to the uniqueness of characters, Blizzard's title is definitely on greater heights. But hey, things can actually be more interesting when mashup happens -- and it looks pretty sick.

According to Polygon, Overwatch Fantasia is a collaborative project courtesy of well-known artists from Korea. It is basically a reimagine of OW's characters, only their presented in the classic aesthetic of Final Fantasy (either from the 9 or installments prior to 7). Blizzard's characters are already a winning piece, but this one here, only makes things even better.

Among the mashups is D.Va from Overwatch dressed in a pink-full color (only her mech isn't there). Fansa will also get to see a Mercy being turned into a beautiful white mage. Or perhaps, a tooth fairy or something. Then there's Windowmaker who, apparently, is still an assassin. But make no mistake, she's cuter and much more sophisticated here, or so to speak. (Check Polygon's image tile-set to see the photos).

As for the fans of Mei, she looks a lot sexier with that get-up. Then there's Tracer, being a character of speed, who's dressed as a Thief. Well, this definitely makes sense at all. The publication describes her as somewhat similar to Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy 7. Pharah, on the other hand, is on a different path -- she's with an axe of sort. How about Reinhardt? Well, it seems he has grown tired of the armor and threw it out the window. He is bare-naked, but equipped with a huge axe.

In related Overwatch news, VG247 reports that Blizzard has released the game's latest update -- patch 2.08, that is. It has been made available to the game's console version in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. (No date yet as to when it'll arrive in PC). It adjusted Orisa, slowing her even more when firing. Apart from this, it also brought back the titular Capture the Flag mode.

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