Pokemon GO Guide: How To Get Red Gyarados

When Niantic's water-themed event in Pokémon GO became live, players are surprised when shiny Pokémon like Magikarp were made available. Fortunately, there is also a slight chance of evolving this shiny Magikarp to a red Gyarados. However, players will need their luck in order to get this monster, as it's supposedly rare.

Red Gyarados Is Available In Pokémon GO

It seems that one Reddit user got lucky and evolved a red Gyarados in Pokémon GO. The first thing players must do is to get a shiny Magikarp. That is the only way they can get the former since it is its evolution. However, they will need 400 candies in order to evolve it.

According to Mic, even if players have 400 candies, there is no assurance that their Magikarp can turn into a red Gyarados. There are chances that it is not a shiny if it is colored dark blue. In addition, there have been no reports that a red Gyarados is out in the wild. However, players can always use the Global Nest Atlas to check if there are any shiny Pokémon around their area. If they want to test their luck, they can head to any bodies of water just like in Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Niantic's Future Plans For Pokémon GO

Players have been waiting for more legendary Pokémon in the game. Niantic is quick to respond explaining that before the year ends, it will add the much-awaited monsters in Pokémon GO, as per GameSpot.

Other than the legendary Pokémon, players are also asking when will trading be officially part of Pokémon GO. Niantic just said that it will soon be implemented in Pokémon GO. The developer also revealed that it will not be available online, which means players should be within their range in order to swap monsters.

Hopefully, players will be able to catch a shiny Magikarp and to evolve it to a red Gyarados before the water-themed event in Pokémon GO ends. As for their other queries, they do not have to worry because Niantic may soon launch the new features they have been waiting for.

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