Dave Chappelle's 'Age Of Spin' And 'Deep In The Heart Of Texas' Prove Chappelle Is The GOAT

Dave Chappelle has proven once again that he is the greatest stand-up comedian of all time. Chappelle’s Netflix special didn’t only destroy ratings but it also serves as a reminder that the King is back to get his throne.

‘Age Of Spin’ And ‘Deep In The Heart Of Texas’

Chappelle’s return has been one of the most anticipated comebacks in history. Fans were shocked when Dave Chappelle left “The Chappelle Show”. The biggest shocker is when Comedy Central revealed that Chappelle walked away from $50 million. However, as Chappelle stated, the money is good but he won’t allow his dignity to be stained with some “uncomfortable” skits. After a decade, Chappelle showed up doing what he loves.

Last week, Netflix finally aired Dave Chappelle’s back-to-back special. "Age Of Spin" and "Deep In The Heart Of Texas" blew the roofs off according to the audience. Chappelle’s uncanny way to attack its audience was on full display. Multiple celebrities also commended Chappelle’s jokes. Jimmy Kimmel sat with Dave Chappelle and by looking at Kimmel’s reaction, the late night host cannot hide how great the show way. Kimmel had to stop himself in providing some spoilers on Chappelle’s epic show and the fans started laughing with them when Kimmel stated that Dave brought out some O.J Simpson jokes.

Dave Chappelle’s Artistry

Currently, "Age Of Spin" and "Deep In The Heart Of Texas" are the most viewed specials on Netflix. Chappelle showed multiple elements of comedy that the GOAT only can. Also, Chappelle didn’t shy away or wasn’t backing down with the current delicate situations in the United States. The comedian was able to find a way to inform and make people laugh while others are having a hard time combining the two.

Kevin Hart Has Spoken

In other news, Kevin Hart who was one of the topics in “Age Of Spin” commented on Chappelle’s performance. According to Hart, he was thrilled to see Chappelle back. The native of Philadelphia also mentioned that there is no competition between them and the comedy world has enough space for multiple performers.

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