Upcoming Overwatch Skins For 2017 Teased For The First Time

Skins are among the things that keep the excitement level high in Overwatch. While it does not do any significant change on a character's skill, being fashionable is just something that players love. After all, even in games, they want to look and feel good. This year, Blizzard is set to release a new batch of skins - all of which have been teased just recently.

According to PVP Live, the Overwatch director himself, Jeff Kaplan iterated that 2017 will feature the most interesting skins of the game. He even went to tease the possibilities of these back in a Reddit AMA. For instance, both McCree and Widowmaker are expected to receive their own come spring season.

Most players are specifically excited with McCree, as he is among the few Overwatch characters that have yet to receive new skins. With him along with the lady sniper, it's safe to say that the next holiday-themed event could embrace the aforementioned season. This, as what the publication states, could probably commence as early as April next month.

It is worth noting that the said month is typically known for the titular World of Warcraft event called Noblegarden, which usually happens right after Easter. In the official forum site of the game, he mentioned how grateful he is for the ideas coming straight from the community. Basically, the players were sharing ideas about what possible skins could be introduced.

Among these suggestions from the Overwatch community is a so-called special BlizzCon loot box. The latter, in one way or another, will offer a special edition skin for each character in the game. Add to this the fact that the studio has already given the thought of trading skins between friends. This one here is going to be an interesting addition if the studio pursues such direction. However, only time can tell. Players will have to wait an official announcement first from the video game company.

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