Blizzard Is Giving Orisa 'A Volume Boost' In Overwatch

Orisa is the newest character to arrive in Overwatch (particularly on PTR), a game developed by Blizzard. As expected, her arrival came with various bugs and issues -- all of which certainly need some fixing. Among these is the hero's robot voice, which, in one way or another, is not loud enough. As a result, she moves as quiet as a ninja when she should not.

In the official forum site of Overwatch, a user by the name of SpaceChapMan pointed out this faulty aspect of the aforementioned character. That she's just "super quiet" compared to another huge hero Roadhog. This was even noticed thanks to a glitch in which no music can be heard.

Fortunately, the developers of the game are aware of this. Hence adjustments are currently being made. According to the title's lead writer Michael Chu, a fix is on its way and should hit the Public Test Realm anytime soon. He confirmed that the audio director Scott Lawlor is already creating a boost for the hero's in-game volume. This, among other changes, are expected to arrive via the next patch.

PVP Live iterates that this issue is far from being the only complicated bug. For instance, the Overwatch hero's ultimate just tends to fall on objects such as payloads and/or stairs. This became a hard one to chew, as it makes her impossible to kill.

Orisa is expected to arrive Overwatch Competitive Play today, if the schedule does not change. So, in a sense, Blizzard needs to double their time and fix these issues. Or else, players will tend to exploit them. And they certainly need to be quick, as this character has been the longest to have stayed in the PTR so far. The hero brings a very interesting gameplay, which is expected to change the meta in one way or another. The studio loves to call her an anchor tank, with an ultimate that boosts the damage of her teammates.

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