‘American Horror Story' Spoilers: Show Might Produce Female Donald Trump, Cuba Gooding In Deep Trouble

There’s no doubt that "American Horror Story" is one of the best TV shows right now in the business. Although the new season hasn't started yet, fans are now eager to watch their new installation.

Sarah Paulson To Play The Role Of Donald Trump?

"American Horror Story" doesn’t back down from anybody, to say the least. The producer of the show Ryan Murphy stated before that he is willing to go beyond the norm. Also, Murphy have hinted the fans that the new season will revolve around the 2016 Presidential election. The biggest question is, who will play as Donald Trump? The majority of the viewers have seen the parody of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer in SNL. This gave Sarah Paulson the idea of wanting to play as Donald Trump in the "American Horror Story."

Paulson mentioned that playing the role of Donald Trump will be a challenge. However, the versatile actress seems to have a great performance if she is under pressure. Murphy hasn’t provided any specifics yet on who will play the other roles but one thing is for sure, Paulson is on top of the food chain.

Cuba Gooding Controversy

Cuba Gooding has always been known as a funny and a lovable actor. Gooding has been listed before as one of the most admirable actors and easy to work with. The only problem is, Gooding might have pushed the envelope way too far. During their question and answer portion in PaleyFest, Gooding lifted Paulson’s dress. At first, it seems to be staged but Sarah Paulson wasn’t aware of what is happening.

The crowd went berserk when they saw a huge slit that almost exposed the private part of Paulson. Gooding was bombarded with messages and rant in social media. Some of the fans also questioned the action of Cuba Gooding and they are demanding an apology from the “Jerry Maguire” star.

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