Clash Royale: 4 Tips To Reach The Legendary Arena

One of the most sought-after competitive tiers in Clash Royale is Arena 11, also known as the Legendary Arena. However, due to the competitive nature and ever-fluctuating meta of the game, most players, especially free-to-play ones, find it hard to reach this tier. So the most frequently asked question is, how exactly does one reach the Legendary Arena? Well, the top-tier players and competitive streamers have provided some essential tips and insights about how to reach the enviable Arena 11.

Clash Royale : Reaching Legendary Arena

The Legendary Arena starts at 3,800 trophies, which is insanely high considering that Supercell recently changed the matchmaking system of the game. (full details here) However, popular players such as Yarn of Orange Juice, Molt and Nick (all of which are way above 4k) have shared their thoughts about the legendary arena and how it is possible to reach the final tier without spending a dime on the game. Here are the five essential tips to reach the legendary arena:

Tip 1: Learn About The Popular Cards

In Clash Royale, the meta constantly shifts back and forth, thanks to the monthly balance update that Supercell imposes on the game. In order to rise to the top, one needs to learn the most used cards on each tier - not just to use or build decks around them; but also in order to counter such cards. The best way to find up-to-date meta cards and decks is tuning to Supercell's TV Royale or watching competitive streamers in YouTube.

Tip 2: Upgrading

Gold is an essential resource in Clash Royale. It is mainly used to upgrade cards, which are vital in winning matches. In order to optimize one's deck, it is imperative that one must upgrade the cards to tournament standard as much as possible. As a free-to-play player, one needs to spend his gold wisely and upgrade the cards, which he mostly uses. In order to know what cards to prioritize, check Supercell's TV Royale.

Tip 3: Join A Guild

Guilds play a major role in improving the player's overall efficiency. It is where one can practice numerous strategies and gameplay (and tournament standard decks) via the Friendly Battle. Before building one's deck, it is highly recommended to try out different tactics in Friendly Battle. This way, one can grasp the full efficiency of each card and deck.

Tip 4: Observe Competitive Battles

It is highly recommended to watch and observe competitive streamers as they can provide insights and numerous tactics, which one could not have known yet. Again, TV Royale and YouTube offers basic to advance strategies on various cards and decks. Furthermore, it is important to observe the card interaction of various meta cards (i.e. Range, animation, etc.).

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