This Is Why Blizzard Should Be Thankful Of Overwatch

Shortly after its official release, Overwatch became one of the best shooter games of recent memory, and even up to now, it is sitting on greater heights. From acquiring applause from the community to winning awards, Blizzard definitely has developed a game that will go down to history as one of the most successful. Well, the fun does not stop there, and here's why.

According to PCGamesN, Overwatch League is capable of bringing a great amount of money to the studio's bank. The estimated figure? It's a whopping $100 million based on its annual revenue. And not just that, it even has the potentials to reach as high as $720 million, if thing goes the way as expected.

The report came from an investment management firm called Morgan Stanley. In its most organic form, the $720 million, when compared, is synonymous to WWE's. It is even deemed to be 20 percent more than what the titular Major League Soccer could earned. This only goes to show how extreme things can get.

Moreover, the aforementioned firm notes that figure, unlike any other statistics of other games, is in the best-case scenario for Overwatch. Simply put, Blizzard has really greater chances of acquiring it. It's like the possibility of plummeting down is close to none. This figure is all thanks to game's audience and the way the studio did its monetization process.

However, in every best-case scenario, worst-case scenario can also be applied to Overwatch. But wait, it's still safe to say that it's not really a worst-case scenario (simply for the sake of putting a term). Why? That's because if things won't go their (Blizzard) way, it's still very likely for the league to earn at least $20 million. That, in one way or another, is still a very acceptable number to obtain.

PC Gamer reports that out of 25 million registered players, 17 million of these are active users. This, as the publication notes, is a tremendous rate in terms of retention considering it has been released in nearly a year already. Well, this is exactly among the reasons why Overwatch continues to break records after records.

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