Shiny Pokemon Rumored To Stay For Good In Pokemon GO

One of the most exciting things about the latest Pokémon GO update is the arrival of Shiny pocket monsters. This, along with a new event called Water Festival, made the mobile app game a little bit more interesting. But while there are those who undoubtedly enjoyed it, some were just quite disappointed. Why? That's because catching those Shiny creatures is like a shot to the game. Players even wonder if these species exist, as they are too rare to find.

Now, there are rumors suggesting that this kind of Pokémon GO beasts will become a permanent thing in the game. Mic iterates that both Shiny Magikarp and Red Gyarados will continue to exist despite the closure of the recent event. There are even interesting proofs or clues, all pointing to this. For instance, during the announcement of the aforementioned event, the studio did not reveal the arrival of Shiny creatures.

In Pokémon GO Water Festival, the said Pokémon just appeared all of a sudden -- with no prior notice or whatsoever. They were even affected by the increase of spawn rates, which Niantic implemented to all water-type species. Add to this the fact that Magikarp, in particular, is no longer acquirable from eggs. In order for players to own one, they have go into the wilds.

The publication explains that if the studio did not intend to make Shiny Magikarp to be a limited time deal in Pokémon GO, then there is something significant about it. That perhaps, the developers really planned to make this creature a permanent thing in the game. Otherwise, they would have said so at the first place and would not resort in marketing the Water Festival event further. Remember, they went to reach out to players telling them go ahead and look for the Shiny Pokémon.

Express, on the other hand, reports that the said Pokémon GO event has already ended last Wednesday, March 29. As of this writing, Niantic has yet to announce or confirm if Shiny Magikarp and Red Gyarados will continue to exist or not. So, in a sense, players may still want to keep the haunt on target.

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