For Honor Player Pool Is On A Steady Decline

When Ubisoft released its current fighting-themed title For Honor, the game quickly gained a huge following. Players were captivated by the kind of gameplay it offered, suggesting a potential franchise in the future. Unfortunately, the momentum steadily spiraled down. In just a couple of days, the amount of players have decreased significantly.

In a Reddit post from user EM98xXkillerXx, a screenshot from Steam Charts was posted, showcasing the player pool stats For Honor had for a certain period of time. This is basically from Feb. 13 all the way to March 28 this year. Apparently, it projects the idea that the game has lost a great amount of players, as less time has been spent over the course of the period.

The aforementioned For Honor player suggests that the blame is to be on Ubisoft. Time after time, players have been asking for fixes and updates; however, the studio is said to be neglecting the community. "This is what happens when you don't fix your game," the Redditor captioned the image.

It really holds true that the studio's newest title is in serious crisis. Lots of players are complaining about the various bugs that continue to exploit the game. Sure, the video game company did promise a fix; however, until now, these issues still exist -- it's as if the developers didn't care at all.

Another Reddit user commented on EM98xXkillerXx's post and mentions about him playing "the same pool" of less than 50 people in For Honor. That, in one way or another, he feels like he knows what exactly the outcome will be. Unlike before, players get to encounter all sorts of players. Why? That's because the pool is just massive.

In related For Honor news, Kotaku reports that Peacekeeper in For Honor is deemed overpowered. As a result, she's getting a ban, disallowing players to utilize her on the upcoming Major League Gaming tournament. Of course, not the entire community were happy about this - especially for those who main the character.

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