Clash Royale: Upcoming Trap Card Leaks

Supercell never fails to surprise its fans especially when it comes to new contents - and today, it seems that a new card has already been leaked! Will this be the introduction of a new type of card in the game?

Clash Royale : March Update Leaks

Nearly a month ago, a massive leak was shared in the Clash Royale subreddit detailing the upcoming changes for the entire March update. Weeks later, the leaks turned out to be true after Supercell launched the 2v2 Clan Battle Mode and the Retro Royale Challenge - which the latter will be officially released today. Now, aside from these new modes, there are a few changes that were mentioned in the leaks, which haven't surfaced yet on the live version. Here's to name a few:

Draft Mode Insane

Clash Royale host and streamer, Galadon Gaming shows the upcoming changes and features in Clash Royale including the Draft Mode Insane where it's basically a classic draft mode but with an additional elixir challenge. It's definitely going to be an elixir feast!

Trap Card

As shown in the video down below, the trap card is a new spell card which will be introduced most likely in the next patch update. Here's the overview of the card:









4 sec

8 sec



The description says: "Ensnare its prey in a steady trap, preventing movement. The enemy unit can still attack while trapped. Not effective on buildings (unless they can move too)." But take this with a grain of salt as until the card goes live, anything can change and Supercell has the ultimate authority to release or scrap out the card entirely.


The leak also revealed that Supercell is planning to change various troop movement speed and will also introduce a new movement speed cap. Currently, the max movement speed is Very Fast which is set at 90 but this is bound to change to 120. Lastly, the leak shows the exact probability of obtaining a legendary card from the Draft Chest. Check back for more Clash Royale news and updates!

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