Overwatch World Cup 2017 Announced, Details Revealed

At long last, Blizzard is once again bringing the highly celebrated Overwatch World Cup this year. It's another way to see and experience the greatness of pro players in the scene. However, things are said to be a little different this time. Regardless, it's slated to be an epic adventure for the entire community.

According to PVP Live, the road to the said Overwatch tournament will commence this month. With that said, the studio has started to track the skill ratings of the top 100 players in every country involved. This one here is a real game changer. Why? That's because it allows other players from other countries to join. As a result, more of them are expected compared to before.

In April of this year, Blizzard will determine the top 32 countries -- by skill, of course -- in the world to join the Overwatch World Cup. This will be done using the average skill rating of those who are involved in the aforesaid top 100. The lucky ones will move forward to the live qualifiers in which they will be battling in groups of eight. This will be their ticket to joining the tournament at BlizzCon 2017.

For players to keep track of the numbers, the video game company will be posting the results and statistics, among others, in the Overwatch World Cup official website. From time to time, the averages, in particular, will be tracked or recorded. As of this writing, the United States are on the third spot.

Once the top 32 countries are completed, these Overwatch players will form the so-called National Committees that will be assigned in selecting the rosters to represent each country. They will also be responsible in suggesting lineups for all the various stages in the competition. The interesting part here in this tournament is that Blizzard will nominate players and/or personalities based on their respective expertise. After which, players will be given the opportunity to vote for three representatives.

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