Clash Royale Tips: Here Are The Best Cards To Use For Retro Royale

Supercell unveiled its newest special event today, the Retro Royale! The fresh challenge brings nostalgia to the long and ardent fans as it offers a complete retrospect into the past - way back when mortal was just released. Since the challenge will limit the playable cards, it is best to find out which ones are the best to pick in order to secure a straight six wins.

Retro Royale Overview

In Retro Royale, players will be warped over a year ago; where the only available cards are those that were included on Clash Royale's soft launch. Note that while the game may take players over a year ago (on the month of April), the cards' stats remain currently the same. This means that the Giant would not be as buffed as he once were - although he will still be painstakingly hard to deal with. Lastly, it is important to remember that the challenge offers one-time reward. For more details, click here.

Best Cards For Retro Royale

Skeletons. Due to the limited cards available to counter swarm units, Skeletons are highly viable in the new challenge. It helps mitigate the threat of Giants and Hogs, which both are very strong in Retro Royale.

Hog Freeze. Hog Freeze combo is insanely strong in this challenge. This is because of the limited cards that can defend against this push. Furthermore, Hog cycle decks are one of the most cost-effective decks in this meta.

Giant Balloon. What better way to steamroll one's opponent other than pushing with the two most dreadful cards during this time? Yes, Giant Balloon is insanely strong in this challenge especially when paired with a zap.

Minion. Expect to see a lot of swarm troops in this game. Minion + skeletons is very viable in Retro Royale although they can also come individually. The power of swarm troops is highlighted in the video down below; showcasing how the limited card pool significantly lowered the effective counters of these cards.

The Retro Royale will only last until this weekend. The challenge also provides ample rewards for its price. Check back for more Clash Royale news and updates!

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