Massive Pokemon GO Update Coming, Rumored To Bring Legendaries

There is no doubt that Pokémon GO remains to be one of the best mobile gaming apps of today. The title continues to break records after records despite its decline over the course of few months. It is believed that Niantic, in one way or another, has still managed to stir interest following the release of recent updates. However, if there is one thing that fans would really love to see, it's no other than the Legendaries.

According to SlashGear, the studio is working on a massive Pokémon GO update believed to change the game's meta forever. This one here is said to have solid connections over long distances. These, in one way or another, will be based on the three factions in the game -- namely, team Blue, team Yellow and team Red.

The color-based connections in the upcoming Pokémon GO update will introduce commandership. Basically, a certain player or group (could be either way) will take command on a particular area. Information about these major changes came from the publication inside source, who wants to remain anonymous.

With the arrival of color scheme in Pokémon GO, it is likely that a new mapping system will be introduced. For instance, Niantic might be working on upgrades with Ingress, as this one here simply has significant connections between gym locations. Apart from these exciting possibilities, the forthcoming arrival of Legendary Pokémon is believed to be included.

Interestingly, this rumored Pokémon GO update will not just make the Legendaries available right then and there. That's because a mission system is said to carry out this plan. How exactly? Players are said to undergo a series of missions in which, when they are successful, will most probably tell them about the whereabouts of the creatures. Or perhaps, if Niantic wants to make things easy, these Pokémon will be given the players soon after a mission is complete. Either way, it looks to be an exciting update for the entirety of the game, especially that a new event is rumored to be on its way.

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