Here Are The Hero Balance Changes Coming To For Honor

Hero balance changes are among the things players want to see in For Honor. Interestingly, this is the very path Ubisoft is looking to go as seen in the studio's recently concluded livestream. It is worth noting that some characters in the game are deemed overpowered and thus require some serious tweaks.

In a Reddit post from user Strimp12, he summarized the upcoming For Honor hero balance changes. The controversial Peacekeeper, in particular, will receive some nerfs on both of her zone and dodge attacks. The video game company is also set to include the character's light-light chain, though this will be confirmed later on.

Another For Honor hero included in the nerf list is Warlord. The latter will be given a much longer dodge window in terms of headbutt. The only catch is that he will have a longer recover, too, if missed. Apparently, the character will not be able to easily activate the headbutt from all known block stances -- unless of course if players use it to block attacks.

The Lawbringer, on the other hand, is said to receive buffs on almost everything. It now has an increased damage, particularly on its attack chains. Not just that, though -- the chains are now a bit faster than before. His impale skill is also set to automatically activate soon after parry. So far, the studio has given significant upgrades on the hero.

Apart from the For Honor hero balance changes, Ubisoft has also made a couple of tweaks to in-game gears and modes. For example, the so-called debuff resistance will no longer affect any of the counter guard break window off of parries. Add to this an additional gain on Revenge on defense. Nonetheless, the studio nerfed the injuries, as well as the attack and duration of the aforesaid skill. Meanwhile, VG247 reports that Steel income in the game will be increased.

Lastly, there is a boost in elimination in For Honor. Now, this will spawn after 20 seconds once the round has started. Boosts will also take a couple of seconds before players can pick it up. Overall, these changes seem to be very promising.

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