Are Overwatch Players Unhappy With Orisa?

Before her release, Orisa became a very interesting topic within the Overwatch community. Players wondered what sort of things the hero will offer, knowing that she's a different kind of hero in the tank department. Not only does she plant a shield somewhat similar to Reinhardt's, she's also able to buff her teammates' attacks -- same as Mercy, only that it can boost allies altogether. Unfortunately for Blizzard, players aren't reportedly satisfied and happy with the new character.

According to Kotaku, many Overwatch players were quite disappointed with Orisa's performance in the battlefield. That's because, in reality, she's actually far from being the next Reinhardt -- something that the guys at Blizzard have been hyping since day one. That forming a team around her is rather a very bad idea, as none of her abilities really do standout.

What players love about Reinhardt in Overwatch is his ability to provide significant, team-driving skills. For instance, when he charges and gets into the right place to release his ult, chances are, his allies will greatly benefit. Orisa, on the other hand, does not necessarily become such. Sure, her ult is enough to provide boost -- but that's just it. She can't really do much except for planting shield, thickening her skin and releasing an energy that pulls heroes.

Blizzard defines Overwatch Orisa as an anchor tank, or so to speak. However, until now, players are having a hard time grasping what it actually means. The hero is not capable of tanking alone (with only 200 health and 200 armor). She can't even go toe to toe, as she's too slow when attacking. If she's to be an anchor of a team, she needs to be able to withstand the most damages regardless of the supports' aid.

Mashable even notes that Orisa in Overwatch is not that easy to grasp both in offense and defense. That's because Blizzard didn't really give her those characteristics in the first place. Perhaps, the studio could have given the hero some interesting buffs, say, make her a little bit tanky.

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