New Community Order Arrives In For Honor, Details Here

Just recently, Ubisoft went to release a new community order called Call to Brawl in For Honor. Interestingly, the studio introduced yet another, with the goal of responding to the infamous global server outage last March 28. It is also meant as a compensation for the missing Faction War Scavenger Crates. This is really an interesting addition for the community to enjoy.

According to PVP Live, as soon as the new For Honor Community Order is completed, players will be able to receive a total of three Scavenger Crates. It is worth noting that due to the aforementioned server issue, most -- if not all -- of the players were not able to receive the rewards. The latter was supposedly meant for accumulation at the end of the round in the game's Faction War.

The server outage in For Honor became a nuisance to the entire process of Ubisoft. That's because the studio was having a hard time identifying those who've been affected. As a result, compensating the rewards accordingly did not happen right away. "We apologize for the inconvenience that this error has caused," the video game company stated.

The new For Honor Community Order, which is called Call to Dominion, has already started in April 1 at around 8 AM EST. It will end at 11 PM EST on April 4. The reward for this one here is synonymous to 1500 Steel, something that is quite close to the rewards set in the last Community Order. It should be noted, though, that player will instead obtain gears rather than the straight in-game currency.

Among the recent news in For Honor is the plan to boycott the game. Express reports that the community suggests that Ubisoft, in one way or another, is not responsible enough to communicate with the fans. The boycott happened last April in which players will not play the game for at least 24 hours. The goal is to let the studio know how disappointed they are. The fandom also expects the video game company to do something that will keep the faith of the community burning.

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