Pokemon GO Fan Dies Over Facebook Rage Post

If there is a game that has been linked to countless accidents (and even deaths), it's no other than Niantic's Pokémon GO. Unfortunately, this seems to continue even today, only it differs a bit. A fan reportedly died due to choking in the hands of a man. Apparently, a Facebook post of sort was involved and was deemed to be the root cause of the incident.

According to Metro, a Pokémon GO fan by the name of Carl Gregory was choked to death by John Dickson and Christopher Pollard, 27 and 20 years olds respectively. The killing was discovered to have happened last year on October 4. Gregory is said to have been suffering from both Asperger's and ADHD. Following the brawl, the victim went unconscious, which resulted to his death (asphyxiation).

The Pokémon GO fan's body was discovered just outside Hobbycraft store, particularly on the shopping center's car park. The staff were the ones who found the victim's body around 10 PM that day. Dickson hails from Cliftonville while Pollard is from Meopham. The two denied the murder during the case at the Midtown Crown Court.

It has been said that the fight broke up when Pollard was offended by a Facebook post of Gregory. The latter basically posted an image of a woman who is leapfrogging status of a penis. The caption says, "This is how most girlfriends get over their ex's." Obviously, this was meant as a joke. The girl in the photo is confirmed to be the victim's ex-girlfriend named Chloe Lemare.

The Pokémon GO fan's former lover went to tell Pollard about the Facebook post. Ironically, the suspect is the girl's new and current boyfriend. She also went to tell Pollard about Gregory calling her "a slag and a tramp." Sadly, for the suspects, they were brought to justice with a lifetime imprisonment.

In related Pokémon GO news, Polygon reports that Niantic has made Magikarp among the most loveable creatures in the game. The game's recent special event made it possible for billions of this Pokémon to evade the mobile game app. The studio announced that overall; players were able to capture around 589 million of the said creature.

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