Stock Woes Continue As Man Finds Wii Stuffed Inside Nintendo Switch Box

A man on the hunt for the Nintendo Switch got the surprise of his life, twice. First, he thought he got a great deal for the Switch when he ordered one for far less of the original retail price. He was surprised once more when the package arrived and inside the Nintendo Switch box was a Nintendo Wii.

DealSeeker2U shared his experience on The man supposedly ordered the in-demand hybrid console from Amazon Warehouse for $269.99, $30 cheaper than the retail price of $299.99. One could only imagine how he felt when the package finally arrived. What's hard to picture is how disappointed and probably angry he felt when he opened the Nintendo Switch box to find an old dirty Wii wrapped in packing paper and bubble wrap. Polygon mentioned that the man can still ship the Wii back and refund his money

Anyway, for those still looking for a Nintendo Switch and who happens to reside somewhere in the United Kingdom, a number of retail stores reportedly have the console in stock, at least as of this writing. More than 100 retail stores including numerous branches of Amazon, Argos, GameStop, Tesco, and Smyths were restocked during the weekend. Like the very rare NES Classic Edition, there's a high chance the stocks would be sold out as soon as news of their availability breaks out. Most stores still offer the Nintendo Switch for pre-order. Amazon, for example, is taking orders for stocks that will be delivered from April 14 onwards.

As such, a little vigilance is required. Nintendo Switch hunters may want to stay updated by subscribing to websites such as StockInformer, NowInStock, and Brickseek as well as those of Amazon and other retailers. Just be sure to check the Nintendo Switch offers thoroughly before completing any transaction to avoid being duped like the guy who now has an old Nintendo Wii.

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