Chris Evans Bids Farewell As Captain America: What's Next For "The Avengers"? Details Inside

Following various rumors about Chris Evans no longer playing the role of the iconic Captain America, it seems that it will not be just a rumor anymore as he has confirmed it himself. On his recent sit-down interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Evans has apparently confirmed that as soon as "Avengers: Infinity Wars" have ended, it will also signal the end of his role as his contract has already ended. Not to worry, though, for the fans of the 35-year old star, Evans is still allegedly set to play for the third and fourth installment of "The Avengers" saga. At the moment, the movies are already in the works as they are now doing "Avengers 3" and the fourth part will be done in the latter part of the year.

Chris Evans: Captain America No More

According to Contact Music, Evans was supposedly expected to meet his end in "Captain America: Civil Wars". However, it was found that co-directors Anthony and Joel Russo believe that the idea of killing off Captain America will never make the film to have a realistic outcome. So instead, the director brothers have allegedly preferred to focus on a different angle, which is the team's apparent fallout.

Meanwhile, as per Xpose, Evans has already made his appearance in 14 comic book films, but playing Captain America has what's been considered as his most notable comic role. On the other hand, it was found that Evans was even initially reluctant to sign up for the role, but it was reportedly due to Marvel's insistence that he signed on for a multi-picture deal. In one of his previous statements, Evans had recalled himself saying that if these movies take off and do very well, and his life changes, but he doesn't respond well, he will be needing a break from it. Ultimately, it seems that Captain America is not alone when leaving the team, as Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr. is also expected to retire.


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