Pokemon GO Has A Very Serious Problem To Resolve

Pokémon GO has been here for almost a year already, and yet fans can't still get over it. It's as if the game has a spell of sort that entices players to go into the wild and play. While its success is nothing new, its impending failure is something that is worth investigating. Apparently, the player pool of the game continues to decrease significantly.

Based on a report from VG247, the Pokémon GO daily player count has dropped massively. This is from an interesting figure of 28 million to a staggering 5 million. This means that over the course of weeks or months, the game has lost around 23 million players. This is definitely frustrating for Niantic given the fact that the game went on a good start.

Pokémon GO was first launched in July of last year. During that time, the player pool of the game has reached around 28.5 million. Unfortunately, Niantic was not able to keep the momentum afloat. Players were complaining about the lack of features while there are those who simply do not see the game as fun as it was before. The said drop is said to be around 80 percent of the game.

In related Pokémon GO news, Forbes reports what could have been a perfect gig in the game in celebration of April Fool's Day. That Niantic could have significantly increased the spawn rate for Ditto, allowing it to spawn anywhere on the world -- at least, for the said day only. Of course, this is simply a way for the studio to somehow give the game a break for one day.

Another interesting thing about Pokémon GO was how it came to existence before. It has been said that it all started with Google's Pokémon Challenge in which players will go out and try to find or catch creatures. Of course, three years later, Niantic developed it with the help of ex-Google Maps employees.

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