Ubisoft's For Honor Is Really In A Bad Shape

For Honor became an instant hit soon after Ubisoft launched it. However, as each day passes by, its player pool gradually decreased. More and more players have quit playing the game, expressing discontentment towards the studio. Now, it even plunges into the deepest -- one that is probably so hard to get out.

According to VG247, the latest Steam ratings of For Honor is down with reviews that say "mostly negative." In fact, never did the title reach the "mostly positive" mark, which is something that games with similar caliber get to acquire in just a few days. This is definitely a complete opposite to the positive reviews it obtained from the critics at launch day.

A couple of months following its release, For Honor reviews were mixed. Even up to now, the reviews still speak the same. However, all of these suddenly changed following the "mostly negative" ratings players gave on Steam. In one way or another, Ubisoft has to do something to redeem their title.

It remains a mystery as to what exactly pushed the For Honor fans to resort to such, though there are probable reasons that can be linked to. For instance, the recent controversy in which players are complaining about the rate of Steel being acquired. This one here is basically the game's currency, which players can used to buy cosmetic items and the alike. Sure, the studio might have increased the rate; however, it is safe to say that it did not change the damage that has been done.

Among the issues that players are complaining in the Steam page of For Honor is the frequent connection problem. This has been a headache to the community since the game's launch. Cultured Vultures reports that Ubisoft may resort to releasing substantial updates or patch if it still want to redeem the game. After all, this has been the developers real issue with the community. The promises they announced are either late or won't happen at all.

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