Niantic Not Worried With Pokemon GO Player Pool Decrease

Over the course of time, Pokémon GO has made a reputable name in the gaming industry. It's deemed as the biggest and most successful mobile game in history. Apparently though, this achievement is starting to fade, as more and more players are quitting each day. Many believe that Niantic needs to do something before it's too late. Well, for the studio, it's the other way around. That is because the developers are not worried at all, and here's why.

Recent reports suggest that in Pokémon GO, the amount of players capturing creatures in the wild have drastically decreased. Sure, the game peaked at around 28.5 million users (United States) on July 13 of last year; however, as soon as the month ended, the number eventually dropped to a frustrating figure of 20 million. And when September came, it's sitting at 10 million.

According to BGR, Pokémon GO is really in a serious crisis as its current numbers show around 5 million daily users. Obviously, this is a huge jump when compared to the numbers mentioned above. For the community, this number is something that one should worry about. Interestingly for Niantic, it's actually not.

In a report from WWG, the studio's very own CEO, John Hanke reportedly addressed the issue about Pokémon GO player pool decline. Firstly, he iterated that, overall, the game is sitting at around 65 million monthly players in total -- and this is despite the 85 percent drop. Second, he assured the whole community that this figure is a "healthy amount." It is true, nonetheless, as the figure can be compared to the like of France's entire population or half of Japan's.

Hanke, nonetheless, did not further explain the involved numbers in Pokémon GO. Instead, he went on to reveal the major plans they have for the hit mobile game app. For instance, the upcoming update will be more about an overhaul to the game's gym system. He also admitted that his people are currently working on improving "cooperative social outdoor play."

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