This Bug Is Wrecking Havoc In GTA 5

Like any other games, GTA 5 is also guilty of bugs and exploitations. The game gets to experience this from time to time, but it's not like Rockstar Games isn't doing something about these issues. Apparently, though, there's this bug in the game that's preventing players from steering their cars to the left.

In the latest update for the online version of GTA 5 -- GTA Online that is -- the newest vehicle to arrive is called the Infernus Classic. It's worth noting that this sports car was first introduced way back in 2001 (GTA 3). It also made an appearance in 2005's follow-up titled Liberty City Stories. However, since its debut, it's been causing havoc and inconvenience to the players. Why? That's because it can't turn left without having to spin itself.

According to PC Gamer, it does not need a mechanic's knowledge to know the difference between left and right. That, in one way or another, a normal car doesn't steer that way. And what's heartbreaking about this flaw? The car is being sold at around $915,000 in-game money. Now, this is a very reasonable price if, and only if, the vehicle works properly. Sadly, it doesn't.

GTA 5 players have gone to various social media platforms, expressing their disappointment towards the bug. Take for example this Reddit post from bladecruiser. It has been discovered that the bug does not only affect the aforementioned vehicle, as other cars such as Gauntlet, Mamba, and Pigalle, among others, are also affected.

As of this writing, Rockstar has yet to comment or confirm a fix for the bug in GTA 5. Nevertheless, players have already compiled a report, which, in no time, should get the studio's attention. But until this issue gets fixed, it'll continue to disappoint fans -- most especially the ones who bought the luxurious Infernus Classic. It's definitely a piece of work.

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