'Prison Break' Season 5 Episode 2 Spoilers: Did Lincoln Burrows Really Find His Brother? Michael Scofield Breaking Someone Else From Prison?

"Prison Break" finally had its most-anticipated return last Tuesday on Fox and the fast pace of events in the premiere episode did not actually give the answers that the fans are waiting for. The upcoming "Prison Break" season 5, episode 2 though might start delving into what happened to Michael as Sara Tancredi seeks T-Bag's help to investigate on her former lover. C-Note and Lincoln realize that Michael is not planning to get himself out of prison, but who are they helping to escape?

Fans are still clueless on how Michael Scofield ended up in a prison in Yemen. This will, however, be slowly revealed in the upcoming episodes including how he supposedly escaped death years ago. Who sent T-Bag the letter and why choose him to convey the message to Lincoln? Why did Michael conceal his survival? Why are they being tapped for help after they were forgotten? The answers to all these will come down as Sara Tancredi starts to get herself involved in the new episode.

Looking back at the premiere episode of "Prison Break," Lincoln Burrows firmly believes that his brother survived his terminal illness and electrocution years ago although he is still not sure how. He dug into Michael's grave and with his body missing, Lincoln became more convinced that his brother is indeed alive. Flying to Yemen, Lincoln was able to come face to face with Michael at the end of the premiere episode. Unfortunately, Michael Scofield denied his identity and his relationship with Lincoln.

The first episode has definitely left a major cliffhanger and theories are out on how Michael Scofield become that changed man. There are those who believe that Michael is trying to protect his brother Lincoln from grave danger as he is being used to break someone notorious from prison. A second thought is that Michael is not really alive and his image was only used to get Lincoln to work for someone in Yemen.

In a promo for "Prison Break" season 5, episode 2, Lincoln Burrows and C-Note are still in Yemen but they now find themselves questioning who are they breaking from the Yemen prison. Michael can also be seen plotting an escape with his cellmates. Sara, on the other hand, tells T-Bag that she stumble on revelations and asks his help to investigate the situation.

The synopsis of the next episode also notes that Sara will have a reunion with Paul Kellerman who was running for the presidency in season 4. His involvement in the new struggles of Sara, Lincoln, and Michael is not yet known but some enthusiasts suspect that he is connected to the people hunting them down. "Prison Break" season 5, episode 2 will air on Tuesday, April 11 on Fox.

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