What Ubisoft Needs To Do To Save For Honor

For Honor has a lot of potentials, and almost all players know this. Unfortunately, the game's popularity seems to be on a downhill, as complaints about bugs and issues continue to soar. Add to this the fact that some features or updates Ubisoft promised are yet to be in the game. But in all honesty, what can the studio do to save the game? What drastic measures should they make before it's too late?

Before any steps or solutions can be made, it's best to know exactly why For Honor is becoming a mess. According to Cultured Vultures, the game is without a doubt a hard one to enjoy given its current state. However, the worst thing here is the continuous lack of transparency from the side of the video game company. Think about the devstream they've long promised -- once again -- only to know it got cancelled.

The entire community is in a rage, but it seems the people behind For Honor don't care. Otherwise, they would have been generous in giving updates or, better yet, went to pursue the aforementioned devstream. But no -- Ubisoft doesn't seem to mind all of these. There's a general lack of news or updates, leaving the fandom in the darkness. This resulted to the Blackout, an event in which players opted to stay off from playing the game for 24 hours.

The sad part here is that For Honor is gradually experiencing the mess that Tom Clancy's The Division (another Ubisoft title) once did. During the latter's time, the studio also lacks in the communication department. The developers barely gave updates when the bugs and issues continued to exploit the title. The community by that time went on a sickening ride, and yes, this is what's happening to the fighting-themed game with its Steam ratings having "mostly negative" reviews, as reported by Nerd Much?

Perhaps the best thing Ubisoft can do for its For Honor fans is to listen to them. And by doing so, they'll be able to come up with a line of communication -- an interaction basically. After all, players just want to be updated and not left out. But of course, the work doesn't stop there. The developers also need to deliver their promises. As the mastermind behind the game, they hold the key to its success. So if there's someone or something that can be blamed about the game's plummet, it's no other than Ubisoft itself.

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