Why Pokemon GO Needs A Buddy Medal

From time to time, Pokémon GO players are hoping for new things to arrive to the game. From new features to new creatures, all these are listed in the community's wish book. Still, these can't be granted unless Niantic says so. Speaking of features, among the ones people would love to see is a Buddy Medal. How exactly will it work? Here's everything about it.

Buddy System is among the newest features added to Pokemon GO, and so far, it's been doing a marvelous job. This allows players to determine and set which creatures are rare in a specific location. On top of it, it can be used to acquire more candies. But of course, this can't just be done right here and there. Players will have to at least walk one or three of even five kilometers.

According to Otakukart, there is a way to better improve the Pokemon GO Buddy System. How? Well, by introducing a so-called Buddy Medal. It is worth noting though that its supposed addition is merely not about gaining anything or something. Instead, it will give players the chance to acquire a set goal. It will give them a reason or two to pursue the feature's process thanks to a medal they can bring home.

The publication states that there are various ways the Buddy Medal can be introduced to Pokémon GO. One, players will simply have to walk an X amount of Pokémon 10 kilometers. Two, they can walk an X amount total between all of the creatures. And lastly, they can walk an X amount of Pokémon 50 kilometers. This is definitely a great steal especially for those who have been waiting for the next updates. It's a time killer in a sense.

In related Pokémon GO news, Daily Star reports that Niantic is expected to release more updates about the upcoming Easter event. It's even believed to be launched as early as this week. It remains a mystery as to what exactly this event will be.

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