Here's The Only Pokemon Go Tracker Left For Android

Pokemon Go tracker apps never stay in the Play Store long enough to become popular. Niantic has made it clear that trackers are not allowed. Thus, the company makes sure that the unofficial trackers are taken down all the time. Nevertheless, there is one Pokemon Go tracker that is still out in the public right now - the GoTracker.

GoTracker is an Android app that has everything a player needs in a Pokemon Go tracker. The app shows all the Pokemon in the area (Gen 1 and 2) and it also shows the Gyms and the PokeStops. The app even goes as far as showing the IV and moves of the Pokemon.

Additionally, the said Pokemon Go tracker can sort Pokemon using a number of filters. Players can have GoTracker alert them with notifications and custom sounds for each creature that they want to be notified of. The app can also go as far as automatically placing lures. Nevertheless, players can also manually place lures using this app.

GoTracker's website says that the app is already in its version The latest update includes a shiny new PokeHash Key screen and the ability to add multiple keys for RPM cumulating. Additionally, the Multi-key scanning has also been improved.

Per BGR, the GoTracker app may not be the most physically appealing Pokemon Go tracker app that has ever hit the Play Store, but it is still one of the best trackers that players can get. It is worth noting though, that this app is not available for download in the Play Store. As mentioned, Niantic is keen in removing such tracker apps from the app stores. Nevertheless, GoTracker's website offers the APK download for interested players.

Unfortunately, though, there is no English demo available for this Pokemon Go tracker app. For people who are interested in getting a tracker but are hesitant to download GoTracker, there is a Portuguese video below that can be used as a mere guide.

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