Clash Royale: Survival Mode And Hero Cards Coming?

With Supercell's latest patch release, dataminers have uncovered some hidden contents from its APK file - one of which is the apparent addition of a new mode in the game: Survival. Other contents include abilities, which clearly hinted that Supercell may include hero cards in the future. Here are the full details:

Clash Royale APK Mine: Survival Mode!

A data mine from the latest patch update was presented on Reddit and it shows interesting new contents hidden in the game. One of the most intriguing files is the SurvivalMode.csv that was found alongside the sound effects of the Bats. Could this be the newest mode in the game following the recent success of the 2v2 Clan Battles?

Hero Cards

Aside from the Survival Mode, the data mine also found hints regarding hero cards and hero spells in the game. Could Supercell be planning on adding Heroes all along? It should be worth noting that previously, the developers have ruled out the possibility of heroes in the game. But also remember that there have been a number of cases wherein Supercell has officially scrapped out a card idea but later added them into the game. Some of the best examples are the Lumberjack and the upcoming Heal Spell.

So will the hero cards follow the line of the "resurrected" cards in Clash Royale? Many players from the Reddit community think that this will be the case. But as mentioned in the video down below, while the hero cards may be enthralling for the majority, Supercell should prioritize making unique cards rather than outright taking the Barbarian King and Archer Queen from Clash of Clans.

This is simply because the two cards bare a lot of similarities to the existing cards in the game - the Barbarian King being relatively closer to the PEKKA and the Archer Queen with the Princess respectively. Either way, both the Survival Mode and hero cards could entice a lot of fans into the game and so, it wouldn't come as a surprise that these two contents will be added into the game in the near future.

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