Ubisoft Releases New For Honor Update, Details Here

Amidst the controversy and hiccups, Ubisoft manages to release another update to For Honor. Recently, players, due to various reasons are pinning down the game. Among these is the studio's incompetency in delivering promised updates and/or fixing bugs. Nevertheless, the update called patch 1.05 is confirmed to arrive with a couple of balance tweaks.

According to The Dark Side of Gaming, the For Honor patch 1.05 introduces the so-called Superior Block Feedback. It covers the Top Light of the Warden opener, adding superior block visual effect on the sword. The same is also applied to Kensie's Dodge Forward -- Left and Right Superior Block visual effect (applied as well on the sword).

As for the Valkyrie moveset in For Honor, the Guardbreak Cancel from the Shield Tackle Cancel Moveset description has been removed. Players can expect changes on the Guardbreak Tutorial text, as it has been updated to give more clarity on Counter Guardbreak. The latest patch also brought a fix to a bug where Counter Guardbreak ability tends be affected by the Debuff Gear Stat. Now, this won't happen anymore.

Also part of the bugs being fixed is the Assassins' tendency to fall unbalance whenever they've thrown out of stamina. Revenge activation, on the other hand, will no longer be interruptible by Emotes. Nobushi receives improvements for its Hidden Stance while Lawbringer's Shove bug has been fixed also. The patch efficiently covers all the bugs reported by players.

Furthermore, the latest For Honor patch 1.05 also brought a couple of changes to the Regeneration feature. For instance, health regeneration will now only work from Idle. It's also been set to 12HP per tick, which originally came from 10HP. As for those wondering about the Shield Basher functionality, this has been improved as well. It's functionality, in particular, will no longer be deactivated (partially) on earth. This update really has to make wonders, as the game is in a bad shape thanks to awful reviews, as reported by Gameranx.

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