DICE Plans To Release Monthly Updates For Battlefield 1, Details Here

It was just recently when DICE released They Shall Not Pass DLC for Battlefield 1. However, the developer is not stopping at anything. It just announced that the game will be receiving monthly updates for the satisfaction of the players.

Battlefield 1 Will Get Some Monthly Updates

DICE just confirmed that coming update for Battlefield 1 will be released sooner than anyone can even think of. According to WCCFTech, Aleksander Grondal, executive producer, together with Andrew Gullota, producer, and the whole team will push through with monthly updates instead of seasonal ones.

DICE wants the players to enjoy new features every time they play Battlefield 1. In order to do that, the developer will release the soon-to-be parts of the update in CTE to test whether they will love it or will be ignored.

It is very important for DICE to get feedbacks of what the players think should to be tweaked in the game. Also, the developer just wants to make sure that players do not lose their interest in Battlefield 1. However, it did not announce when will be the start of monthly updates.

Spring Update Will Be Released Soon In Battlefield 1

As per PlayStation Lifestyle, while DICE did not announce when will the next update be live the Platoon feature is the confirmed to be a major part of the Spring update. It will allow the players to organize their own clans in the game.

DICE will also add game improvements especially in the Operations since players have been commenting about the issues they encounter while playing. There are chances that Battlefield 1 Rent-a-Server program might be part of the next update also.

With DICE's vision for Battlefield 1, players should not worry because their favorite game will be better compared to what they are currently enjoying right now. They just have to wait for a little while to finally see the major changes the developer promised.

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