A Familiar Glitch In Battlefield 1 Returns, Details Here

Battlefield 1 has seen a considerable following from fans. The first-person shooter game from DICE seems to have that perfect balance of thrill, exciting gameplay, and visuals. Even more, so that this 15th installment of the series is set in the World War I. However, like any other video games around, this one here is not free of bugs. Although the developer has been keen on fixing things via patches, one particular, or peculiar glitch seems to be making a round again in-game.

Players have been commenting about this old glitch in Battlefield 1. Members of the game's community have been posting pictures, GIFs or videos of this particular bug on the internet. While some find it enjoying or funny, others find it irritating and horrifying even.

As per SegmentNext, the said glitch causes an enemy to charge in the player's direction in a flash. Adding in the very unsettling foggy environment and limited perspective while using a sniper, this glitch can sometimes be scary, if not heart-attack inducing.

Not only does this enemy "fly" towards the players, it will also attack them with a bayonet. As per Game Rant, players will see an enemy or a figure, sort of, appear on a nearby ridge. When they zoom in, the said figure will be gone. This enemy will appear again when not in focus, but when the player zooms in for the second time, it disappears yet again.

The third time is the scary part, as when the player zooms in at the enemy, it will seemingly "fly" towards the player attacking with a bayonet. This quick transition sometimes causes the player to panic, thus making an undesirable result. The said glitch is not about the internet connection as one player who posted his encounter shows that his signal is perfectly fine.

In addition to that terrifying encounter, the weather in Battlefield 1 contributes, effectively, to this scary scenario. DICE's implementation of Fog of War game mode is evidently effective as it hides many surprises for the players. However, some say that they are not sure if they are ready to find out what they are.

Some even speculate that maybe there will be ghosts in Battlefield 1, basing on the glitch they have encountered. There were also speculations that this is somehow not a glitch, and that the They Shall Not Pass DLC added zombies in their favorite game. Either way, DICE still needs to make an announcement to clarify this issue once and for all.

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