New Dino Dossier Yutyrannus Arrives In Ark: Survival Evolved

In Ark: Survival Evolved, there are plenty of things to like and love. For instance, it has a gameplay of its own that is somehow unique to what other games of the same genre offer. Nonetheless, when talking about this game, one can't help but include the addition of dinos (most especially the new ones). Well, interestingly, the game got a new creature -- the Yutyrannus, that is.

The arrival of the new Ark: Survival Evolved dino was announced via the game's official site. There, Studio Wildcard introduced it along with its description through a new dino dossier. The collected documents features the beast, which is somewhat covered in feathers. It's said to be related, in one way or another, to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, though they differ a bit in style.

In the game, as explained in the Ark: Survival Evolved site, feathered beasts are not necessarily dangerous. Players shouldn't be afraid, as they don't pose threats similar to the theropods. However, the Yutyrannus is in a whole new kind of level. Why? That's because it can strike fear even to the most skilled players in the game.

Once Ark: Survival Evolved players are able to tame Yutyrannus, they'll have a powerful addition both on offense and defense. It has a mighty roar that can significantly induce fear to opponents. The creature can also be trained in order to come up with confidence- boosting Battle-Cry. The latter is believed to be effective in countering enemy attempts while bolstering any resolves from allies. The creature has unique abilities - quite different from other dinos -- making it a versatile ally in the wilds. Players will definitely have a great companion with this dino.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, Express reports that a new update is coming to the game later this month. It's said to bring some new stuff, such as underwater bases. It's slated to arrive on April 24, though some are suggesting an early date. This is among the updates Studio Wildcard plans to do in order to bring the game to its full completion.

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