Just One Of The Many Reasons To Love Overwatch Even More

There are plenty of things to love about Overwatch, Blizzard's latest iteration. From the interesting character roster all the way to the intense gameplay it offers, there is no doubt that this game is among the best of today. However, there is another good reason to even love this title. And what exactly it is? Well, it's no other than its brand new PvE mode.

According to Kotaku, the aforementioned Overwatch mode will start today until May 1. It's where players will have to defend the London-inspired map King's Row from a massive wave of robots. This is in celebration of the newly released event called Uprising. It is worth noting that this is the second co-op brawl mode the studio introduced to the game.

So far, the Overwatch PvE mode has been a killer. Almost all players are loving it, as tons of them have started jumping right into it. Although this can be likened to Junkenstein's Revenge (existed during the Halloween event), it has more interesting gameplay mechanics to offer. It seems Blizzard has learned a lot from that particular mode and, as obvious as it can be, applied the changes to the current one.

Here, Overwatch players will face a good number of robots all coming from nowhere. They close in all possible angles, making it a little bit harder for players to win the match. Some robots tend to attack the payload while others are just fond of hiding and attacking behind the shield. Whenever players die, other players have the capability of resurrecting them. How exactly? Well, that's by way of standing next to the corpse.

Overall, the new PvE mode in Overwatch is a must try. It's definitely a fun thing to experience. Besides, they only have until May 1, as reported by TrustedReviews, to enjoy this event. So better go with it than regret at the end. Way to go, Blizzard!

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