Should Griffins Arrive To Ark: Survival Evolved?

Despite not being a full game or version, Ark: Survival Evolved has managed to withstand the intense competition within the gaming industry. This is all thanks to the fans who continue to believe with the title's potentials. This can also be traced to the never-ending exchange of thoughts or ideas within the community in which players share what they think is exciting or not for the game. That said, it's worth mentioning how interesting it is to see Griffins in the game.

In a Reddit post from user ausgamer529, it might be a great idea for Studio Wildcard to opt in adding Griffins in Ark: Survival Evolved. This is for the simplest fact that Wyverns and Unicorns exist, so why not such beast of the same level can be added. Besides, its addition to the game could bring lots of cool stuff.

The aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved player suggests that this creature could be the very first flyer to ever utilize a gliding mode. The latter is basically equipped so as to conserve stamina. Not just that, though. The mode will also enable players to have the ability of strafing around any enemies while looking for an opening to roll or attack.

Many already believe that Ark: Survival Evolved Griffins will soon arrive. That these creatures have long been teased or hinted by the developers themselves. However, players can't expect these beasts anytime soon. Why? That's because Studio Wildcard might want to complete the very core gameplay systems of the game, which is also another interesting to talk about. This could include the likes of space travel, underwater cooking and orbital bases, among others.

Well, for now, expecting Griffins in Ark: Survival Evolved might not be of importance. This is most especially that a new dino called Yutyrannus has been announced, as per the official site of the game. For players interested in knowing more about the creature, the video game company has featured its very own dino dossier.

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