Battlefield 1 CTE Receives New Patch, Details Here

To ensure quality, DICE released another patch in Battlefield 1's CTE. The said patch focuses on improving not only the weapons but also the netcode and server-side hit-detection. However, not everything included in the patch for CTE will be available for the main game.

Netcode And Server-Side Hit-Detection Improvements

According to Segment Next, players will now experience an improved CTE. The patch released by DICE is set to provide better netcode for a harmonious online connection in Battlefield 1. First, the update is for fixing jitter problems every time a spectator watches.

Ping is also replaced with Latency as seen on scoreboards. DICE will issue a penalty for player who pings over 100 ms. The server-side hit-detection will be applied and players will know it via an icon shown in the upper right corner.

The patch also brings in more latency icons to be shown. Yellow Latency means players have reached 90 ms while Red Latency means players have reached over to 200 ms. The update will also prioritize hit information, along with improvement in the algorithm to avoid lagging in Battelfield 1.

Weapons And Vehicles Upgrades

DICE did not only focus on improving the netcode and hit detectors in CTE but also the weapons and vehicles. As per PVP Live, sniper rifles will no longer have any issue with cocking pieces and zooming in the targets.

The M1903 Experimental Trigger has been increased to match They Shall Not Pass changes for ROF. Whenever players decide to throw a grenade, expect that there will be a delay of 0.3 second. In addition, the supply of the explosives will be shorter than before.

The patch also removes the issue whenever players exit the St. Chamond tank. The first-person camera will reset every time they leave. The AA canon blast damage will bring more damage to different planes in Battlefield 1.

Lastly, players will see improvements for controls in Battlefield 1's CTE. With the said patch, DICE aims to bring a quality gaming experience for everyone testing the soon-to-be released updates to its beloved game.

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