Will Blizzard Finally Reveal Overwatch Next Hero Doomfist At E3?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (commonly known as E3) 2017 is fast approaching, so it's no wonder if Overwatch fans are quite excited. Why? That's because there's a possibility Blizzard might reveal something exciting during the event. Well, there's that likeliness of the next hero named Doomfist being revealed.

So far, the ideas revolving around the next Overwatch hero involves a famous actor named Terry Crews. For anyone who's longing for Doomfist's arrival, all of them know that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star could possibly be the voice behind the character. The only catch, obviously, is that the studio has neither confirmed nor debunked the theory.

However, in a report from PVP Live, these talks might come to an end after all. That's because Crews himself will be present at E3 this year. And take note, he's coming with a "major surprise." If this doesn't suffice enough, his statement "y'all know what it is" should be.

The actor basically posted a video on his official Facebook page, seemingly giving a hint at the next Overwatch hero. At around 8:45 mark, he mentioned about his upcoming presence in one of the country's largest gaming expos. To put the icing on the cake, he loaded the game while mentioning it. This is definitely the closest clue the community could get.

If there's truth to what the actor is suggesting, then Doomfist is indeed the next Overwatch hero. And that if he is to arrive, the voice behind it will be Crews himself. It is worth noting that he started this campaign since last year, airing his clamor to be the voice of the upcoming character.

This nod from Crews is somewhat understandable, as Kaplan said that Doomfist is the kind of Overwatch character that is worth the wait. If the phrase "worth the wait" would mean something specific or significant, then it's probably E3 2017. This is, without a doubt, the best place and time to reveal such a highly anticipated hero from the titular game.

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