No Man's Sky Rumored Next Update Coming With Pre-Release Features

Contrary to popular belief, No Man's Sky is still alive and kicking. In fact, the developers at Hello Games is planning for a huge update. And why it's actually worth discussing? That's because significant changes are coming, and many believe it's going to change (on a better note) the game overall.

The last update the studio brought to No Man's Sky dates back to March this year. While some were skeptical about it, many were still impressed. Perhaps, they were happy to know that the video game company still has plans in supporting the game. Now, it has been said that the devs have actually started working on a brand new update.

According to Inquisitr, a potential update has just been discovered by a No Man's Sky player recently. Although nothing specific can be taken from it just yet (since it's unofficial), this update is likely to bring pre-release features. If this is the case, then there is a possibility that the promised things before are likely to arrive.

It is worth noting that  No Man's Sky went under fire due to issues of false advertising. Many believe that what mastermind Sean Murray unveiled on expos and alike weren't true. That they just intended to stir the interest of the community, so as to generate sales for themselves. In reality, however, they were not even available to the game.

While the aforementioned issue has long been settled, it seems to be brought up thanks to this rumored new update. In a report from IBTimes, the studio is believed to resurrect the features that were once meant for release along with the launching of the game. But of course, this isn't a simple process to be made. That's because the devs need to ensure that these things work accordingly with the game's new version.

This is where the talks about Hello Games already working on this patch since before coming to light. That the developers of No Man's Sky have been wanting to release them, but time and manner seem to put them on hold. If this is the case, the likes of a multiplayer feature may finally see light in the game.

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