Persona 5 Beginner's Guide: Best Personas To Capture From Early Game To Late Game

Persona 5 offers a plethora of interesting Personas from the weirdest to the coolest and the best part about it is anyone can pick any Persona they want and finish the game. However, there are players who care about the strength of their team and the Persona they wield. Here is a guide on the best Personas to use from early game to late game in Persona 5.

Persona 5 Best Early Game Personas

There are a lot of early game Personas to choose from in but a handful can offer the most for any player's roster. Starting from level 8 to level 15, according to YouTuber SephiZack, the recommended Personas to use are Obariyon, Andras, Onmoraki, Makami, Ippon-Datara. Obariyon is a good early game Persona due to his powerful skills especially Lucky Punch which increases the chance of a critical hit. Andras can be obtained at level 10 and his passive skill Apt Pupil (obtainable at level 14) automatically raises the chance of dealing a critical hit - a useful skill to have in Persona 5.

Onmoraki is perfect for those who want to farm money early in the game by using his skill Pulinpa, and the way to do that can be read from this guide here. However, if players are not interested in farming money, they can skip Onmorak and get Makami in Persona 5. Makami is a great Persona to have since he's the first one that has nuclear skills. Ippon-Datara is resistant to many skills and also has good skills to learn himself like Rampage.

From level 20-30, the Personas to use are Matador, Suzaku, Shiki-Ouji, Phoenix, Principality, and Neko Shogun. Matador is considered to be the best Persona to get early in the game because he has the skill Swift Strike which deals a lot of damage and is an awesome skill to have. Suzaku gets the skill Speed Master at level 23, which gives players an agility buff every start of a battle - which means Suzaku is a good partner for Shiki-Ouji who is immune to physical and gun damage but weak to nuclear damage. Although the player won't encounter any nuclear skills early in the game. Phoenix can learn the skill Recarm which is a revive.

Principality will learn the skill Mediarama at level 31 which is a heal to all party members - the best one the player will get early in the game. Neko Shogun can be obtained by fusing specific Personas and he can learn the skill Invigorate that automatically recovers 3 SP in every turn. SP is hard to come by early in the game so this is a useful skill to have.

Persona 5 Late Game Persona

There's only one Persona considered to be what players need at nearly the end of their game in Persona 5. That Persona is, of course, Yoshitsune who can become a nearly invincible killing machine with the right preparation. This Persona has no weaknesses and can nullify physical attacks as well as reduce fire damage and reflect lightning, plus bless spells back at enemies.

Persona 5 Mid Game Personas

The video below details the Personas to use mid-game in Persona 5. These Personas can range from level 30 - 60 and offers better skills. Is was also noted that as long as the team has a good variety of skills in terms of elements, the player won't have any issues.

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